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Making a difference buying Wayuu Bags

Indigenous women are in the top percentile of the population most likely to live in extreme poverty.

Their constant struggle with food, water and healthcare insecurity

For centuries, the Wayuu Tribe have gotten to survive the conditions of their homeland (La Guajira). An arid and desolate, desert-like landscape with temperatures averaging 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) heat.

The daily struggle to obtain sufficient food and water affects every aspect of Wayuu people’s lives.

In 2019, La Guajira accounted for over one fifth of deaths due to malnutrition in children under five in Colombia, despite having roughly seven percent of the country’s population.

At Sierra & Savanna, we're conscious of the Wayuu people needs. For that reason we ensure our artisans have access to decent living standards, by paying approx. 25% above the average market price for their Wayuu bag creations

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